Domino V10 Beta 2 server upgrade process – first impressions

As part of the Domino v10 beta – I had planned to test out the process for upgrading an existing domino 9.01 fp10 test server to V10. Previously I did client updates without much fanfare. The only fly in the ointment is that the server in question was a 32bit variant of Domino 9 running on a 64 bit OS. If you run the 64 bit installer for a Domino V10 upgrade – you will be presented with a screen that says “Previous installation of 32-Bit Domino was detected” and some advice about what to do.

Thankfully there was a knowledge base article about this very process (Steps to upgrade a 32-bit Domino server to 64-bit server on Windows platform) and the two variants you might have. After backing up the entire domino folder I was able to proceed and complete the update – and finish the process with the fixup and compact of the two files in the article.

The article advises that there may be performance impacts due to the view rebuilds and other remedial aspects of the Domino V10 upgrade – but in this case it was a very vanilla Domino 9 server so there wasn’t much to challenge the process. Given the requirement to upgrade more complex client environments I will be looking forward to speak to colleagues at the ICON UK event in Birmingham  (#iconuk2018 ) to get the expert lowdown on their experiences. If you haven’t already looked at the agenda for Icon UK – go now and see what great sessions are available over a packed two day event – I am sure you will find directly relevant subject matter across all the Domino admin / dev / collaboration areas

So far this simple test has allowed me to dip my toes into the upgrade stream – looking forward to getting testing underway to see if everything else is ready for showtime !!

Domino V10 is coming – get ready ! Hope to see you at ICON UK