Platonic Ionic – WordPress REST API working nicely with Ionic

The Belfast Ionic meetup held on the 1st of June at farset Labs was a two part event with Rob of  Tepee (@Rabamus) giving a deeper dive into the native device integration in Ionic first and secondly Conor Woods (@productiveprog) revisiting a topic  of WordPress Rest API and Ionic integration. Rob showed how the accelerometer in a smart phone could be linked using an Ionic app to show the sensor values. Some interesting questions regarding the granting of access to  device capabilities showed that with some thought an app can cope with the accidental prevention of access to features by users.

Conor’s talk was of interest to me as I had previous tried an earlier project but had suspected some issue with the particular wordpress site I had used. The audience was encourage to play along with the prepared notes Conor produced and everyone was able to complete the lab including a visitor from the US who managed to complete on his phone and bluetooth keyboard – nothing if not innovative. When I (@halcyoninfotech) returned to the office –  I was able to rerun my tests perfectly using Conor’s provided wordpress site

Conor advised

If anyone was tempted to use WordPress as your next application framework, the steps outlined in the talk are here:

The github repo can be found here: