Small but perfectly formed – 12.04 LTS JeOS Ubuntu

This is a Just enough OS appliance based on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS. Get it from here. It is built from scratch and is only 55MB in size but is still fully compatible with Ubuntu updates because no files have been removed from packages themselves. It is therefor a completely different way to build an OS than a default Ubuntu server install that takes 740MB and is a perfect base to build a custom virtual appliance on.



  • Just enough OS based on Ubuntu’s Long Time Support 12.04
  • Just 55MB through debootstrap as apposed to 740MB default install
  • No package files removed so it’s fully compatible


This appliance is built with debootstrap instead of a default Server install and then optimized for appliance use as described at

55MB in size with no package files removed for FULL compatibility so it is the perfect base to built an appliance on.

  • User: root
  • password: root