Sorry! There was an error: Can’t coerce the value to a date.

Todays award for cryptic error goes to a blog where I was looking for an articles details. For my rss feeds I use Attensa Feed reader and it does what I’m after – provide a straightforward means of subscribing to a range of blog feeds that I check daily to see if something of interest has been posted. When I saw the error it got me thinking that the author or developer wasn’t thinking defensively when producing the error message. Whats the point of generating the error – and also the web masters email address and not informing the person responsible ?  Given its been this way for several days it suggests that the monitoring of the site is less important that getting punters in to have a look (when they can’t in fact see anything)


Best I can do now is let the webmaster know but I can’t help thinking that if you are managing a site – you not the user should be the first to know about issues and be able to get information to the users if the matter is going to take some time to fix.


So remember the old adage


You can lead a horse to water but a pencil must be lead