The Dyn_Root Of All Evil

Disclaimer :

No warranty to the accuracy or effectiveness of what follows can be given. It worked for me and might just help someone else in the same situation !! Don’t follow it unless you can afford to lose everything in the partition.

PartitionMagic has to be one of the more useful disk and partition tools I’ve used over the years. However like any tool it has the capacity to go wrong. In this case during a fat 16 to fat 32 partition conversion – the process failed with a error and the machine was rebooted – however the process had marked the partition being converted as being a powerquest recoverable partition with a partition type of 3C. So following the instructions from Powerquest the partition needs to be changed back to Fat16 and the machine rebooted from a bootable floppy or cd. The next step depends on the fact that the conversion process has moved all the files that were in c: into a folder c:dyn_root. Place the disk into a usb caddy to access its partitions .

Using windows explorer – Move (don’t copy) the folders and files from c:dyn_root into c: – fit back into original machine  and reboot machine. Cancel the partition magic jobs that are pending !!! Otherwise you will have to repeat the previous step. Delete the empty dyn_root folder once you are happy with the result..