Turning it up to 11 – The future of Domino

Last year saw the “relaunch” of Domino and Notes with the news that HCL would acquire amongst other things Domino and with IBM would launch V10 of the platform. This month I attended the Domino V11 Jam in London – a forum to assess the requirements for the next release of Domino in 2019. The excitement and engagement from the participants and the representatives of HCL and IBM was quite something to experience – the passion and camaraderie that exists in the Domino community has always felt pretty unique and it was out in force at the event in Codenode.

The roadmap for Domino V11 will need to take on board the needs of the established Domino users as well as the next generation of developers and users which is no mean feat. Yet something about the approach being taken and the level of direct engagement with experienced developers and administrators suggests that HCL may well be able to bring Domino to the next level.

The physical jams have not been the only source of idea collection and the siteĀ https://domino.ideas.aha.io/ is open for all to contribute and vote for the hundreds of enhancements, additions and corrections to the platform already there and its components. Personally I am on it every few days – looking at the suggestions the community puts forward and voting for those that I feel have merit or that I have personally experienced. Of course collecting the ideas is not the same as assessing , prioritising and actioning these in interim version 10 releases or including in V11.

Currently it seems that I and other developers are all hard at work trying out some of the new technologies and enhancements such as DQL, the mobile platform for Notes appsĀ  and the node integration (both for database and nodered) – and its hopefully only going to get more interesting this year as the skills and interesting use cases for the technologies emerge.

For now I’ll just grab my plectrum – wind up the amp to 11 and say “For those about to rock – we salute you #dominoforever