Thoughts from 2018

Last year was a busy one for me professionally and personally so  I wanted to take some time and get my thoughts from 2018 down now that the new year has arrived. Going forward I hope that more articles will be the order of the day as I see a lot of new challenges ahead.

So what was so special about 2018 for me ?

Co-organising a Wordcamp in Belfast was a real learning experience and I can honestly say I learned a lot from it. The realization of the commitment required to organise it and the rewarding feeling when the event took place were equally profound.

A fundamental change in the future of the (IBM) Domino platform and seeing the architects of the transition in person at Icon UK in Birmingham – gave me reassurance that longevity and change can be in the same place at the same time.  I thoroughly enjoyed the event – the talks were great and I came away with a huge amount of ideas and topics to get caught up on

The release of Domino V10 and the genuine interest it sparked was exhilarating and the resulting upgrade requirements for clients was a welcome surprise. With the availability of 10.0.1 just before year end and the ability to run Notes apps natively on IOS (and hopefully Android before too long) these have opened a number of doors for future projects.

Node.js was the new kid on the block as far as learning and planning for future development in my case. Some of the concepts took a little longer to get to grips with but overall it seems full of promise alongside the dominodb module which links node and domino.