UKLUG agenda out

As the 3rd of September rapidly approaches and thoughts turn to the UK Lotus User Group event in Cardiff – its time to take a look at the agenda which you can find here. The problem I find is that there are bound to be several items at the same time that you want to attend so I normally get the agenda and start going through to see what clashs.

I hope this years event is as good as last years and that I get to meet up with some of the attendees that I know in the Notes development world. There are definitely some interesting names and sessions already up on the agenda and if I was to pick a few from the first daya alone they would be

Spark Ideas – brought to you by the Nerd Girls

Xpages – practical ideas for converting exitings notes applications

The Ultimate IBM and Lotus for Linux workshop – for Windows Administrators

Opening the toolbox: Tools for the domino designer

Xpages Beyond the basics