UKLUG – Day 1

Great first day of UKLUG in Cardiff – the premier Lotus / IBM developer or admin event each year. Once again managed and facilitate by Warren Elsmore and his team of yellow elves – it has been a pleasure to listen and learn from the presenters of the sessions.

The opening general session was a straight talking affair with Uffe Sorenson ( a 40 year IBM veteran ) talking about the evolution of Notes and the inflection point that has been reached. The future of Notes lies in re-invigorating the development environment surrounding Notes and Domino. The next generation of developers have a great toolset in their hands – how they use it and innovate  with it is the secret to the next raft of success.

If I had to single out a track session from day one – it would have to be Ulrich Krausse who with grace under fire (very musical presentation from another track) took us to some places in Xpages development  that were new to the audience that I think I will be spending weeks just going through the detail of his presentation. Spot On.

Roll on 8.5.4 and the Notes Web Plugin – we are waiting !!