Whats better than WordPress ? Instant WordPress

You know when you see a great idea perfectly executed ? You know you want it …

So when a colleague offered to show me WordPress running from a usb key with all the bells and whistles – of course I was intrigued. How would he do it ?

Instant WordPress is a complete standalone, portable WordPress development environment. It turns any Windows machine into a WordPress development server. It will even run from a USB key.

Run – don’t walk to this site – get the software and fire it up. Then think of all the things that you can do with it. Take your web site design to the client – make changes – use the site and then hand it to the client to test. Try out those plugins you have too afraid to let near your wordpress site !!! Backup your site and test restore to a key.

I bet you can find five other things that you could do with it. Let me know what you do with Instant WordPress.