Windows Wireless Weirdness (try saying that three times as fast as you can)

Windows 7 on a Dell Vostro 3500 laptop. Client advises that this had previously worked but now no connections were in place and no wireless networks were being detected. When finally got to look at this discovered that the wireless card was active but was showing one NEW wireless network – a SKY home broadband – unprotected (lovely security arrangement).

When the network card configuration was checked it was discovered that the wireless settings were the problem. Somehow the settings had changed from getting an address and dns automatically – to EMPTY settings for the IP address ,subnet mask , default gateway and the dns !!!

Changing these back to the required “get automatically ” option and the three missing wireless networks reappeared !! Once the connection was clicked on and the key added – Internet access returned.

So a strange one for windows 7 wireless settings.