Wot – no 64 bittedness (thats not a real word) ..

Now that I’m using a Vista 64bit machine I’m more conscious of the issues that plague any new os (even after the bedding in period is over). The lack of drivers – new versions of software being required and the failure of software suppliers to test their apps in the new environment within a reasonable time is frustrating.

I was more than a little surprised though to find that the Parallels product I mentioned here but on checking found this admission on the support site.

Does Parallels Workstation 2.2 support 64-bit platforms?
Parallels Workstation 2.2 runs successfully on 64-bit platforms if a 32-bit primary OS is installed on it. Support for 64-bit primary and guest OSes is in scope for future versions of Parallels Workstation

So it seems like parallels will take a back seat on VM testing for me until this is added. However work continues using VMWARE workstation.