Xpages Bootcamp Day 3 – an avenue of possibilities – even more tools for the job

Todays session hasn’t started yet but I am already looking forward to it. I have so many new questions that  I could easily use another 3 days to get answers and develop new skills.


Todays seminar focuses on extending the xpages design toolkit in a number of different directions. Given that its base is Java Server Faces – its no surprise that Java will make an appearance – along with its sidekick but unrelated Javascript again.

I am particularly looking forward to the section on adding to the arsenal of tools available for xpages development and for extending the same.

Talking of tools for the job – during downtime last night I took myself into the centre of Amsterdam and to a shop I visited some years ago. The name of the shop is strangely enough “The Old Man” and its a shop of two halfs literally – one half on either side of the road. One half is a section dealing with all things Chinese and Asian. Lots of nice things as gifts.

The other half of the shop is knives. Yes knives of every shape sort and cost. I have never seen so many knives. Some of them are so ridiculous that I cannot think of a use in any society – modern or less developed. One machete I saw looked so big and unwieldy that even Arnie as the Terminator or in Alien could not possibly have put it to good use.

However in Amsterdam (notice I said that that with a slight dutch accent) – they would probably say – “Would you like a smoke and a pancake with that Machete?”

And just to clarify – in Amsterdam a shake is a liquidised drink and not anything else – Mr McCann – and I am sticking to that.