Xpages Extension Library book finally arrives

The postie finally arrived with the long awaited Xpages extension library printed copy. I know that when I am working on development I do like to have physical reference materials available to me to facilitate checking details , syntax and examples. I’ am really looking forward to testing out the examples from the book and an initial  glance through it shows plenty of material to get stuck into.

A summary of the content is


Contents Part I: The Extension Library, Installation, Deployment, and an Application Tour

Chapter 1 The Next Generation of XPages Controls

Chapter 2 Installation and Deployment of the XPages Extension Library

Chapter 3 TeamRoom Template Tour Part II: The Basics: The Application’s Infrastructure

Chapter 4 Forms, Dynamic Content, and More!

Chapter 5 Dojo Made Easy

Chapter 6 Pop-Ups: Tooltips, Dialogs, and Pickers

Chapter 7 Views

Chapter 8 Outlines and Navigation

Chapter 9 The Application’s Layout Part III: Bells and Whistles: Mobiles, REST, RDBMS, and Social

Chapter 10 XPages Goes Mobile

Chapter 11 REST Services

Chapter 12 XPages Gets Relational

Chapter 13 Get Social Part IV: Getting Under the Covers with Java

Chapter 14 Java Development in XPages

I can tell that this particular book is going to end up very well thumbed. More about it as I get stuck into it.