Yet more forms to fill in

A contact asked me regarding a means of filling in forms (preferably using an IPAD) and getting that information sent back for central processing. I was able to say – “yes there is an app for that” – and the apps name is Form Connect and you can get more info here. The app will fufil the clients requirement to have a template form that gets filled in and signed using a stylus before being emailled back to base for processing.

There are though a few things about the app that I thought could be improved – like not allowing forms to be changed on “kiosk” tablets used by staff – also the user interface really needs some more attention as some of the icons are a bit misleading. The export options are a little limited as the means of getting some of them loaded into an application might be less than easy. Perhaps allowing a number of formats to be sent together (for example a pdf and a csv with some of the fields to allow file to be processed by document management systems) would make this a more useful product.

The app works as I say but could be even better – heres looking at the next release.