2021 Directions

Looking back over 2020 I realise that I’ve been pretty quiet as posts go and want to take the opportunity to look forward to 2021 and the direction that is heading.

As probably most people working in support found 2020 was pretty busy as the rush to Working From Home (WFH) became a stampede. As someone who has been doing this (WFH) for more that 20 years I realise how fortunate I have been to get to the stage I am – in terms of equipment and layout – before this kicked off. So having spent most of last year facilitating and supporting clients to get productive WFH and to move to a more proactive stance with projects – its now time to look at other areas that have been neglected.

So what’s happening in 2021 for me ?

Some new areas – such as cross platform development – specifically using Flutter/Dart will start to make an appearance here.

Some old favourites such as Sophos will be making a return as their acquisition Cyberoam makes its exit from the stage due to end of life arriving.

Hopefully some more of the interesting and unusual tips and fixes that usually grace these pages will return.

So as January draws to a close – hope to see more articles this year and a break from Brexit and Covid – here’s hoping