A year with the IPAD

As we head into the Christmas period – I was thinking back to when I started using an Ipad in anger – every day. That year has flown and throughout I have found myself using the Ipad in ways that I had not originally imagined. For example I stopped reading a daily newspaper either physically or on  line several years ago. I now find myself daily reading and using the newspaper apps.

I have used the ipad as a pc remote control, remote esx manager and to control a miniature helicopter. Its been used to read large manuals – deliver presentations and more mundanely check emails and diary events. I’ve made movies – songs – ringtones – cartoons – slideshows and presentations – who could have thought?.

I have to say that it has amazed me how much the ipad has been adopted by the kids who use it for almost  every activity – creative, educational, gaming that you can think of.

The only regret if I can call it that is that I still prefer a pc or laptop for the daily input of data or creation of reports or proposals – it just strikes me that the input methods of the ipad are less than optimal for my line of work. However I look forward to another year with the Ipad and wonder what applications and uses it will find in the next year.