A year with WordPress

This year has been an experiment for me – in the use of WordPress – to create an article on a daily basis each working day. It has shown me that its a difficult task – due to many factors such as being busy with business and being able to separate out interesting topics from the vast array of things that come across one’s desk in the period of a year.

The important thing is that WordPress helps in the process allowing your to work on drafts and build up and refine ideas. It helps that its a well maintained and regularly updated application. Its also a pleasure to use as I’ve remarked on a number of occasions and I find myself putting it forward to clients as a means of publishing and managing their “public” ideas such that they can effectively use the tool to get their message out.

It has also shown me the areas that most interest clients and readers and many of these are from the obscure – less travelled areas of the work that I carry out in a year. In some ways the blog is my way to give back something – since many times I get help from various companies and individuals. Some people ask me if I am giving away “secrets” but I don’t see it that way – all my working life I have been free with the information that I have to those I trust and respect and have been paid back many times over.

I wish that more software was freely available – showed the innovative approach of WordPress and the depth of use that the product has enjoyed. There have been some memorable pieces of software I’ve found through the year and hope that next year continues to bring more in the same vein.

So I will conclude with a thank you to the WordPress developers and testers and raise a toast – Onwards and Upwards !!