Don’t follow me – I’m using a GPS !!

During the trip to a holiday location I have to say that the accuracy and logic of a TomTom GPs was tested to the full. In the south of England around Bath the road network is lets say pretty rural. The roads are perfectly serviceable once you leave the main roads but they are completed incapable of carrying two vehicles going in opposite directions.

Frome was an experience with streets barely wide enough for the car at times and inclines that would scare Llamas. Nice town but seriously challenging streets.

I thought the best moment was a mexican standoff with a German registered mobile home. If we had proceeded there would have been a mile long reverse required to let them past but luckily we met them at the end of this particular stretch of road.

So the advice is – even with an updated GPS with the latest maps – it still does not include the phrase “Seriously – you do not want to go down that road – its mental”