Goodbye Steve and Thank You !

It was sad to hear that Steve Jobs has passed away so young. He has been a larger than life character in the IT field since I started in the 1980’s and has never failed to bring something to the show every time that he was in the headlines. I am so sorry that his family has lost a father and a husband – he was truly a remarkable business man and visionary. The nearest I think I ever got to understanding the man was when I saw a Nextstation for the first time and remember saying to myself  – the man who came up with this is either mad or a genius.

Following the company’s journey through the pages of Byte and Computer World you got to feel that the story of Steve and Apple would never be a boring one – and you were right.

Surrounded by the results of Steve’s obsession with developing the things we never knew we needed – the iphones – ipods and Ipads that we take for granted – we should realise that he broke the mould when it came to his approach to product development and we are the richer for it.

Steve – you will be greatly missed.