Ho Ho Ho – almost Christmas

As I type its only a few hours to Christmas Day – all the preparation is done and I hope that everyone gets what they want – and that some deserve on the big day. I have been waiting to see what will happen on the laptop/tablet market for Windows 8 and hope to have a new Dell XPS when its shipped towards the end of January 2013.

I’m looking forward to getting back to working with a tablet again as its been one of my favourite devices for many years but with a touch centred Windows 8 this may be the incarnation that works the best so far.

A recent review of the models available and capable of running windows as a laptop and behaving as a touch driven tablet have not shown a great amount of effort going into the designs but on balance the Dell has the elements I want but is not the cheapest choice. However the others seem less well thought through and the mixture of performance and function seems hard to beat.