I’m typing in the rain – I’m typing in the rain …

As part of a project for a manufacturing client using terminal services and HP XP embedded thin clients I’m testing some keyboards for durability and resistance to dirt and dust. Enter the WK650 Waterproof Keyboard.


Features (as per the literature)

IP55 compliant, dirt-, dust- and water-proofing

Industrial ABS material conforming to 94V0 level

Patented Scissor-key structure ensuring reliable and quiet operation

Revolutionary pointing device – Askapad that combines the function of a joystick with the ease of use of a trackball

Compact design for easy fitting into 1U rackmount and other space limited applications

Designed for IPC, Military, Medical and OEM applications

With regard to the IP 55 spec

The WK650 is designed to comply with the IP55 standards of dust and water proofing. The WK650 can withstand jets of water delivering 12.5L/min for 3 minutes from all angles and is resistant to the ingress of dust and particles. The mouse pointer and controller circuitry are sealed against liquid contamination.

Dual PS/2 connectors ensure compatibility with all PC type systems