Hail Senturion


Today I received the latest monitoring device from Sensatronics (Available from Openxtra www.openxtra.co.uk) A departure from the previous form factors the Senturion is a 19 inch 1 U rackmount device with built in temperature, humidity and light sensors and 8 additional external sensors ports. The initial setup is pretty simple – if you have dhcp the unit will acquire an address and display it on the front lcd panel. Login to the web interface and you can configure the standard settings for static IP address gateway, DNS servers and users who can access the unit.

The final stage is to configure the alert settings for the built in probes and to set the time on the unit so you can get correctly labelled notes from the unit.

Some nice features are

the coloured panel that lights up different colours depending on the status of the unit and whether any devices are in alerts states – Green during boot, Blue in Normal operation and Flashing Red when an item is in alarm state.

the fact that its a 13 amp connection on the unit rather than a transformer with an input jack which tends to fall out.

the visual display panel giving you and direct indication of the probes status.

the standard connectors for probes – much better than screw terminals or push to open crocodile terminals.

Some of the details of the specification

Accuracy: Determined by individual probes (typically 0.5 °F)
Resolution: 0.1°
Measurement Interval: Customizable
Units Selectable: °F, °C
Power supply: 120 VAC @ .25A
Exterior Dimensions: 1U Rack-mountable Chassis
48.26 cm x 10cm x 4.5cm
Computer Interface: Ethernet

Currently Available Probes Include:

• Standard and Heavy Duty Temperature Probe
• Cryo Temperature Probe
• High Temperature Probe
• Wetness Probe
• Power Presence Probe