IOS5 looking good

Have been looking at the range of changes and additions that are coming in the next IOS release probably in september. Most are small but overall it seems that the OS for Ipad and Iphone is maturing and becoming a bit less “gadgety” and a bit more “businessy”. I’m glad to hear the suggestion that the upgrade will be free to all devices that support it and this should at least encourage users up to the latest version.

I have some proof of concept iphone web apps in mind and it should be interesting to see how theses are affected by the new release. The iphone 4 however after 6 months really disappoints for battery life and signal quality – although thats definitely something  I will be taking up with Orange Business on my return to work.


Perhaps the Iphone 5 might deliver something like the work duty cycle that most of us expect ? I also hope Icloud and other tools will end the madness of having to manage a batch of iphones for a company through a single itunes store account.