Is blogging worth it ?

Well I think the answer is yes if the purpose of your blogging is to help others facing a problem you have been able to resolve. Over the years I have had some interesting correspondence around some of the blog posts and looking at the search words that lead people to the site has been an inspiration. What you think will interest is not always what does get the the interest !! I’ve had communication from only a few miles away to halfway around the world on some of the articles.

I was pleased today  to help a reader with a relatively old issue that I suspect is going to crop up more – an issue with a HMRC app error  – HMRC Basic tools could not access the database ! which I had documented here. On rereading the post I considered if the details had been clear enough and asked the reader what they had tried. A process of renaming a file and re-running the HMRC app that had been downloaded was enough (after a brief wait due the machine’s age) – to get the app functioning and to allow the user the important and missing final step – restore the backup over the newly created empty file.

So even if the fix helps one or hundreds – its still worth the time to document and record the issue  and update it if new info comes to hand!!