Is blogging worth it ?

Well I think the answer is yes if the purpose of your blogging is to help others facing a problem you have been able to resolve. Over the years I have had some interesting correspondence around some of the blog posts and looking at the search words that lead people to the site has been […]

Testing Gutenberg, Handy Snippets, WP Workshop & WP Events @ Belfast WordPress Meetup

This month’s WordPress meetup covered a range of topics. Mark Smallman  guided the meeting through the use and potential of Gutenberg as a new block based editor for WordPress. He showed some of the functionality and advised looking at the examples as well as taking on board potential issues with the new plugin especially in existing […]

Up the Junction

If you are familiar with Unix and other operating systems – you will have no doubt come across symbolic links However I find that a lot of Windows admins don’t see the appeal or benefit of being able to redirect users to another directory. So when a client requirement meant that I needed to move […]

Gimp and EPS format files

I had a need to work on an EPS format file for a client web site so I reached for the tool I had last used for this – namely the GIMP – short for the Gnu Image Manipulation program. If not familiar think free Photoshop alternative. I was surprised  though to find an error […]