Is blogging worth it ?

Well I think the answer is yes if the purpose of your blogging is to help others facing a problem you have been able to resolve. Over the years I have had some interesting correspondence around some of the blog posts and looking at the search words that lead people to the site has been […]

ICON UK 2015 (coming not so soon….)

So it looks like another trip to London this year for the only Xpages/connections/IBM event for the community. September brings an opportunity to meet and “remeet” colleagues and IBM champions at varied technical sessions. So at this stage it looks like the second half of September for two days. More info once the date and […]

Travelling with EE 4G

As part of daily work the requirement to be able to provide remote support and keep in touch has become more and more important. I have never found mobile carriers to be completely reliable or provide enough coverage across the area that I work so after consideration I decided to trial the EE 4G service […]

Eclipse and Java – made for each other

When starting off with Java programming – the first productive step you can make is to select an integrated development environment (IDE) that supports your learning and development efforts. In my case the IDE is pretty much preordained as it already the IDE of choice for Domino development – Eclipse. The transition from using it […]