LinkedIn – now linked in (with WordPress)

As part of a drive to glue up the various services I use and publish on – I used LinkedIn’s wordpress integration to grab posts from my blog and push those out through LinkedIn. Its almost  mandatory these days to make your content available to whatever audience wants it in the place that they want it. No longer can you simply focus on one method like blogging and hope that it gets your message across or your information out there. You sometimes feel like you are restating the obvious but do it anyway so that the consumer understands or gets help(ed).

 It kind of reminds me of a scene in Father  Ted.

(Ted has just convinced Father Finnegan, the ‘Dancing Priest’, to loan him his car to show off as a ‘raffle prize’ in place of the wrecked car from Bishop Brennan. Ted holds the keys in front of Dougal)

Father Ted: Bingo!
Father Dougal: No luck then, Ted?