Managing passwords on the go – keepass touch

In the past I have used Keepass and the various mobile and windows based variants to transfer and record credentials. Recently had issues with MiniKeepass and IOS 13 where it lost the ability to directly open keepass format databases. I had developed a workaround but it wasn’t feasible for users to generally use.

So it was time for a new option and after some research I came upon Keepass Touch and decided to give it a go. Compatibility with the previous app was vital and I was pleased to find that the transition was very smooth. The idea of being able to unlock the keepass database by using the fingerprint reader is simple and effective – when I need to refer to a clients database its very simple – just press for access.

On reading up on the app I actually found that it had suffered from the same issue as MiniKeepass – i.e not being able to open the database if sent as an email attachment but seeming they had resolved just before I tried the app !!

So far I have found the app stable and reliable – well worth a try and even better its free