Moving to a new broadband service provider

I recently decided to change broadband service providers for one of the internet links I have and in this I was able to return to Force9 or rather the provider Plusnet who took over Force9 some years ago. I have had various services from Plusnet over the years and was glad to be able to compare them with my current encumbent 186K through a reseller.

Due to some performance and capacity issues recently – this critical link needed a more reliable and spacious cap – so when I was comparing against other offers I found that the package offered by Plusnet was substantially cheaper and could be migrated simply by changing the logon router details. They were also able to provide me with a static IP address for a one-off fee of £5 for the lifetime of the contract. Compare this with providers who charge up to £5 a month for the same feature.

The migration would have been perfectly smooth except for the poor showing of the incumbant supplier during the changeover which delayed the process by about 24 hours and caused some downtime until Plusnet were able to take over the line and provide the service. The technicians I spoke to were able to identify some issues and remedy them to get the  services back up and working optimally. Some additional dns changes on my side then allowed the remaining services I run through to be reactivated.

So if you are looking for some cost effective adsl / adsl2 broadband service in the Uk or Northern Ireland  well worth talking to Plusnet