Neo4J releases V4.0

Neo4J came to my attention some time ago when researching a project for a client. When I looked at the requirements a graph database sprang to mind and I did some research – out popped Neo4J. After taking it for a quick spin – I  was impressed by the resources available and the community around it. Now Neo4j release V4.0!

I recommend taking a look at the site  – especially if graph databases are new to you and you want to get started. Ultimately the project didn’t go ahead but I have kept an eye on the project and it has continued to develop.

Now with the release of version 4 – the Neo4j platform is maturing and expanding. New features and enhancements mean that putting something into production is much simple and more predictable. What stands out for me is that Neo4J is a Graph native database – not a relational with graph bolted on. If your requirement leans heavily on relationships in the data – this may be important from performance and complexity perspectives.

A webinar is coming up on the 26th  February 2020 entitled

Introducing Neo4j 4.0: The Next-Gen Graph Database Built by Developers for Developers