Now you see it Now you don’t ? Outlook continuously prompting to connect to an Exchange 2007 server

After a recent SBS2008 implementation where the mail and data were coming from and SBS 2003 installation – the annoying popup message Connect to server message was displayed for a client with Outlook 2007. The two giveaways in this behaviour 1) it references the external email address of the domain mx  i.e where  xxx is the internet domain and 2)it reappears no matter what password and username its given – even though mail delivery completes successfully.

Having seen this recently in correspondence – I check with a colleague and was reminded that there was a reg fix for this. Transferred  a .reg  to the client opened and accepted it and lo the  pesky message is gone.

So if Outlook seems to be displaying the characteristics mentioned the reg fix is

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00