OMD gets an update

The OMdistro package – essentially Nagios and check_mk in a prepackaged solution gets an update this week. Quite useful as I’m in the process of trialling a solution for client sites for true distributed checking. The update includes


Release Notes for Version 0.54

  • omd:    – FIX: Fixed “omd umount” command when running without specific site
  •  – new option –kill for umount, rm and disable, that will kill processes using tmpfs before unmounting it
  •  – output argument help when calling omd COMMAND –help
  •  – new option –conflict=HOW for non-interactive omd cp/mv/update.
  • mod_python:
  •  – Fix “omd stop apache”, which was sometimes timing out
  • – Fix several DeprecationWarning messages when using python 2.6
  • NagVis: Updated to NagVis 1.6.5
  • Thruk: Update to 1.26
  • RRDtool: Update to 1.4.7
  • PNP4Nagios: Update to 0.6.17
  • Webinject: Update to 1.72
  • Mod-Gearman: Updated to version 1.2.6
  • Gearman: Updated to version 0.25
  • Debian 6.0: Added missing dependency for mod_python (libpython2.6)
  • RPMs: Added “chkconfig –add <s>” commands before “chkconfig <s> on” commands
  • Making etc/htpasswd file writeable by the site group
  • Apache logrotate: Performing reload instead of restart
  • Shinken:             – update to 1.0.1             – add MongoDB as backend for livestatus logs
  • Switch Check_MK to version 1.1.12p7
  • Support SLES11 SP2
  • Dokuwiki     – Updated to Version 2012-01-25 Angua     – Template Vector now available