Oops I did it again ….. again

My main phone is a TyTN II with Orange. I depend on it for my normal contact with clients and for it to have problems is really not a great option. So I have to ‘fess up. I’ve had the phone handset replaced twice in the last three weeks !! Both times the unit was working fine – and in both cases the unit seemed to “die” when a call or text was received.

I tried hard resets in both cases but it appears that the front panel is unresponsive and therefore you can’t complete the full reset. It has concerned me enough to want to have a fallback position where if the handset has problems I can do something more permanent that switching to an old SPV M3100 handset.

So after a discussion with Orange Business support I got a replacement handset – delivered at 8:00PM on a Sunday evening !! Beat that for service !!!

I also discussed their Dual Sim approach which allows the same number on two phones. I’m leaning towards this with a backup handset

They have two options

Voice device and email combination (Read blackberry) – in this scenario the primary device has been set to ring first – if this device is off the second rings.

Voice device and Car Kit / phone combination – in this scenario the customer has a car phone or car kit and to save having to switch off the primary the secondary device is set to ring first. The primary will only answer if the secondary is off.

So its off to get another handset and then arrange a dual sim which costs around £30 and adds £3 to the monthly bill.