Xobni (thats Inbox backwards to you) ..

Finally – after the loss of Lookout (bought by Microsoft and thrown down a deep hole) – I was really hoping someone would grasp the nettle of Inbox overload – ala Splunk and other information management tools. So today was my lucky day. There it was in my inbox – a tool called xobni that I hope will return order where Outlook 2007 brought Chaos…..

To quote their blurb

Xobni has created a new way to look at your email. Xobni takes the effort out of organizing, searching, and navigating your email.

The only thing that has changed with email in the last ten years is that everyone gets more of it. Email is overflowing with information. It’s hard to find what you need. It’s hard to know what you have.

Xobni creates an information profile for each person you interact with, and surfaces historical information that is relevant to what you are working on. Xobni displays contact information, threaded conversations, attachments, related people, email usage statistics, and information from the web. Xobni organizes your communication data and makes it available through intuitive navigation and super fast search.

Xobni currently integrates with the popular Microsoft Outlook email client and will extend to integrate with other email clients, instant messaging applications, and social networks.

The tool should be extended further to add other clients (read Non microsoft) but so far its the best addition to my outlook 2007 sidebar and I’m hoping for good things from it !!!

Go for it – www.xobni.com – tell them Brendan sent you …… 🙂