Put a spring in your training materials

I was lucky enough to find an application yesterday that fulfilled exactly what I was after in terms of mocking up training materials. Its name – Ispring Presenter – see here

Its an addin for Powerpoint (both 32 bit and 64 bit) and allows you to generate training materials from powerpoint presentation and also to add other features such as voice overs and video. The addition of quizzes to gauge the retention of viewers was exactly what I was after.  Once installed – its a matter of loading an existing presentation or creating an new one. Once the content is complete – a single click can generate the flash based output and supporting files. These can be uploaded to either a Learning Management System (LMS) or simply placed on a web server or intranet. The site gives further detail on how to embed the finished material in html files to integrate the training into existing portals or websites.

All in all not a bad find – more once I’ve explored the outer recesses of the product and tested out the output on a client