Safari has gone west

I’ve been using Apple’s Safari browser to test web pages and other apps in preparation for developing some Iphone resources. I updated to the latest release a few days ago and when trying to start it noticed an error.

AppName: safari.exe AppVer: 3.523.15.0 ModName: webkit.dll
ModVer: 3.523.15.0 Offset: 00089d09

On googling I see that this problem has been reported quite a bit and it does appear to be a specific issue with this release Version 3 Beta 3.0.4 Security Update. Disappointingly it appears that Apple’s response to the problem is for users to regress to the earlier version 3.0.3

So whilst I continue to investigate the issue – its back to another IE alternative which is Firefox 3 beta 2 – love the splash screen …

Firefox 3 beta 2