Sage payroll trying to update rather than fresh install

Hal – I am having issues installing Sage Payroll 2011 onto my new laptop.  I accidentally installed Sage Payroll 2010 (which I have since removed) but now the Sage Installer is looking for which installation to upgrade, when I select none the installer exits.  Thanks, Marty.

Marty – I have had the exact same issue before and it took some searching and hair pulling before I found the root cause.

I had run MSIZap (Windows Installer Cleanup Utility) in a bid to cleanup the system but the issue still persisted.  Even after deleting all Sage Payroll folders from ‘Program Files’ and also manually editing the registry (not recommended unless you know what you are doing) still no joy.

Installation as a different user did not work either.

In the end I discovered a file in c:windows called payroll.ini, once this was deleted I was able to perform a fresh install.

Hopefully this will help some people as the sage upgrade season rolls around once more.