Daily Archives: January 25, 2012

Sage payroll trying to update rather than fresh install

Hal – I am having issues installing Sage Payroll 2011 onto my new laptop.  I accidentally installed Sage Payroll 2010 (which I have since removed) but now the Sage Installer is looking for which installation to upgrade, when I select none the installer exits.  Thanks, Marty. Marty – I have had the exact same issue […]

What to do about spam texts ?

This phenomenon affects some people more than others but is on the rise. You get a text in offering “No win No fee” court case for an accident (which you haven’t actually had). Alternatively you get “Did you take out a bank loan prior to 2009? You are entitled to £2300 in compensation”. I could […]

The user with three hands

Hal – whats the oddest problem you have had reported by a user recently? – Peter. Well Peter. I recently was told by a user that a member of their staff was having difficulty with a laptop. Seemingly the user was having to apply pressure with their palms on either side of the trackpad to […]