Take a break – a CTRL break

When diagnosing network and internet performance issues several simple tools jump out at me. Ping and Tracert are amongst the most common utilities for gauging the performance of links to remote web sites or servers and come with a plethora of options in both windows and *nix flavours. When looking at say long term performance and packet loss between two locations Ping with the -t option on Windows runs a continuous ping test to the address specified. To end the continuous test you normally press ctrl and C to stop.

However if you just wanted to get a summary of the test so far and the lowest and highest ping values allong with an average for the test so far and the number and percentage of packets lost (if any) then this tip is just for you. Instead of stopping the test with Ctrl C use Ctrl Break to get a status report of the test so far with the test continuing to run.

So enjoy your ping -t testing without restarting the test every time you want to know the stats….