Uklug – Day 2

Another great days of presentations on the second day of UKLUG  / ICON UK 2013. The content and depth of the presentations was yet again even better than I had expected. Ulrich Krausse’s performance monitoring for xpages was a real eye opener and I had the great luck to speak to him after about the value that his presentation would have for me in diagnosing issues with xpage performance tuning.

Gabriella David and Mark Myers – double teamed a great session showing the tensions and opportunities between the connections developer and the connections / db admin. Some great points taken from this presentation regarding the need for seperation of roles and responsibilities as well as working together for the common aim of a stable and functional Connections install.

Paul Calhoun as always delivered the goods with a deep dive in the world of the Apache projects and how they would apply to the xpages developer. Especially Appache FOP as an output tool for projects

After lunch Mark Myers blew the xpage developers away with his journey into the innards of Connections and the onramp for developers to get down and dirty with Connections development. Awesome.

Rounding off the day was a session regarding the most important tool in the Xpage developers arsenal – the Domino Designer Environment. Julian Robichaux and Kathy Brown gave an epic run through the tool and their hints , tips and  pointers to the best use. The presentation reached places other editors just can’t reach.

The closing session as always was a great chance to reflect but also celebrate the event. A presentation to Warren and Kitty for all their efforts running the show for the last 6 years. The audience are still trying to guess how the aerial screen shots of the closing video were achieved 🙂

…… and next year ? Well who knows !!