Using a Vigor 3300 to connect multiple ADSL lines for load balancing

If you are one of the unlucky sites that gets a very poor adsl service and you decide to put in additional adsl lines to give more capacity you should look at the Draytek 3300 as an option for your business.

The idea of connecting adsl lines through an intermediate device (a draytek 110) to what would normally be used as a leased line firewall or gateway wouldn’t immediately jump out at most companies but the logic is this. The Draytek 110 passes through the connection (indeed it requires no configuration – but you can look at the line characteristics). You can then use up to 4 adsl connections and thus 4 Draytek 110’s to give the 3300 the combined up and down speed of the 4 links.

Then – by creating rules you can decide which types of traffic are allocated to each link or spread the usage based on available bandwidth on each of the links. More about this in future articles. Suffice to say the use of the 110 on a very long adsl line brought the downstream speed up by approx 20% so worth doing for that alone.