Vigor 3900 Firmware upgrade 1.5.1 – critical update

If you maintain or use a Draytek Vigor 3900 / 2960 or 300B – there is a CRITICAL firmware update available in the form of 1.5.1. As well as providing security enhancements there are a number of new features and updates that will be of interest.


Its good practice to do a backup before starting this update!!

New features

1. Two-Factor Authentication is now supported for additional web interface security – useful and timely
2. IKEv2 EAP Dial-Out LAN to LAN tunnel (e.g. NordVPN Server) – Interesting
3. Support certificate choices for OpenVPN – great for interoperability
4. Support ACMEv2 for Let’s Encrypt certificate – welcome change

One fix stands out for anyone supporting  IOS / Mac clients connecting to the device especially with the security changes  in recent releases


Improved SSL VPN compatibility with Apple devices.
Self-Signed certificate’s Valid To date is now 2 years from date of generation. Regenerate the
router’s Self-Signed Certificate to meet the new trusted certificate requirements of Apple
iOS 13 & macOS 10.15. Longer Valid To periods can be specified by generating a Local
Certificate and self-signing it with the router’s internal Root CA.

Important Note – Upgrading Firmware


You should note that there are pre-requisites !!!

Do not upgrade directly from 1.0.5 (and earlier) to 1.5.1. (If you are that far behind you need to re-evaluate your update schedules)

Due to differences in the Web UI and functionality the router MUST first be upgraded to at least prior to upgrading to 1.5.1.

Upgrade your router to Version or later first, and afterwards upgrade the router to Version

For further information – check the Vigor website and the update readme file !!