Vista’s little icons

Having used for a Vista 64 bit machine for a while – one of the annoyances I had was the size of the desktop icons – getting them the size that I wanted for the screen resolution I was using…


1. Right click desktop.
2. Click on View.
3. Select the size you want. (classic, medium, Large)

Change the Desktop Icons Size With the Mouse Scroll Wheel :
NOTE: This will work on all icons in Vista.

1. Highlight the Icon.
NOTE: Do not click yet.

2. Hold down the CTRL key (Control) and hold down right mouse button
NOTE: At the same time with cursor still highlighting icon.

3. Roll your mouse scroll wheel up or down to adjust icon size
NOTE: The trick is not moving the mouse while doing it. (up=larger, down=smaller)

You can now have tiny or super large icons at will……