Vmware vSphere 5.1 – what might be new ?

As leaks and rumours start to grow prior to VMWorld 2012 – the one that most appeals to me is shared-nothing live migration. Boot from Fibre Channel over Ethernet, or FCoE, storage and official support for virtualized Active Directory domain controllers are also expected in vSphere 5.1, though these features are hardly earth-shattering. This is more of a marketing / licensing / support issue between Vmware and Microsoft.

With the shared nothing live migration supposedly in Server 2012 Hyper-V and word that the next relase of Xenserver will also contain this feature – its is unclear if there will be any interoperability but it could be an absolute gamechanger. The reason is in the future, this will be huge for moving VMs to private and hybrid clouds as this feature potentially allows migration [of VMs] from one cloud to another, and one data center to another.

So an interest couple of months ahead for this area of virtualisation.