Working with Adsl and need a good tester ?

I recently reviewed the Quicktest 500 for Denis at Openxtra. I’m a big fan of test equipment that takes the guesswork and time out of getting definitive results when a problem arises. Over the years Openxtra have provided many of the tools that I use to do testing for a very wide range of clients. Denis does seem to have a knack of picking the products that are best in class – an its no accident as I think he looks at them with a very critical eye when selecting them – based on his years of experience in development and testing – so that they function as expected and to the standards you expect from an essential part of your toolkit. So hats off – another success from Denis and I will now have to think of another tool that I need so that Denis can once again surprise me.

If you are working with ADSL and are still lugging out a laptop just to get line characteristic measurements – do yourself a favour – Call Denis and the folks at Openxtra on 0800 6121357 and get yourself a professional tool for the job. You won’t regret it.

Don’t forget to take a look at the wide range of test tools on the Openxtra website – they really are best of breed and worth finding out about !!