You are not authorised to carry out that operation – so there

This occured when attempting to create a new database on a Domino 8.5.2 server from a template supplied form OpenNTF. This was a bit of a surprise since I had implemented a number of databases and templates from that site over the last few weeks. Checking the ACL of the particular template allowed me to assign designer rights for the user I was attempting to create the new database as. However whenever I attempted to create the database or give myself manager rights on the database template – the same error “You are not authorised to carry out that operation”.

The workaround was provided by a Notes developer colleague who suggested creating a copy of the database template  minus the ACL but with the design elements and documents intact. We did this by right clicking on the applications icon and select new copy but removing the tick beside Access control list – and created a database from it after having signed the database template and added the user as manager to the ACL.

So in case you come across this same issue – perhaps this will help you getting that template working. Thanks again to Geoff for that insight.

The image below shows the screen you will see