Call to undefined function curl_init() in WordPress

If you are having the error Call to undefined function curl_init() being displayed on web pages served off Windows or Linux based LAMP or Wamp stacks , then you should have to simply modify a line in apache’s php.ini file.

You’ll need to locate the php.ini file on your server which for example could be


And open the file php.ini

   If you are unable to find the folder of file as mentioned above, or if you are using   a different web server with PHP , then simply find the php.ini file ( normally  located under apache folder (and not php folder), and open it in a text editor.

Find the text

and remove the semi-colon at the start.

Now that line would look like:


(without semi-colon at start)

  Save the file, and restart your Apache Server.  Refresh the page generating the error and the problem should be sol