Can you hear me ? Testing 1..2..3.. Eartrumpet

With the wide range of applications I use – one thing that can cause a problem are differing sound levels. For example when on a Zoom or other conference call I might want to have apps open but not have alerts and other sounds as loud as normal. When I went looking for an app that would give me a simple way of dealing with different apps needing to be at different volumes – I wasn’t expecting to find it here.

Eartrumpet is a free Microsoft app that

  • Controls classic and modern app volumes
  • Controls default audio device with two clicks
  • Matches the look and feel of Windows
  • Supports moving apps between playback devices ( useful for conferencing – switching to headset for example)

The other features I liked was the standalone volume mixer and the ability to assign a hotkey – which I can use to quickly jump to the app and adjust levels.

Its a simple app but it serves a useful purposes especially when applications don’t make it easy to locate and change their volume level. I use it day and daily – why not give it a try.