Windows 8

Error code 80243004 updating windows PC

This is a short one but hopefully if you come across this – its a headscratcher! The PC in question had updated just under a month ago without issue and when its was noticed that there were some updates available – the result of applying them was the error code 80243004. Stopping the windows update […]

Bad gateway ! BAD gateway !!

A client reported a windows 8.1 machine – a laptop which appeared to be struggling to sustain an internet connection either as a wired or wireless connection. Changing the unit from a static to a dhcp address for both options showed up something interesting when an ipconfig command was run in a elevated dos session. […]

No Windows 8?

f you are trying to install Windows 8 build 9200 enterprise on a Pentium 4  PC, but upon boot, are getting the following error message ( or very similar) : Your PC needs to restart Please hold down the power button Error Code 0x0000005D Parameters 0x030F0401 0x756E6547 0x49656E69 0x6C65746E Unlike Windows Vista and 7, Windows 8 (as from […]

Windows 8 Preview

Its here. The long awaited final preview of the next Microsoft O/S. So whats it likely to contain. Mainly more representative apps than the “blocky” ones in the consumer preview.- more drivers for more new hardware and better compatibility with existing hardware due to the feedback from the previous “release”. What the new release hints […]

The end of the end of support for XP

According to a Microsoft email I got today This fortnight marks 2 years to go until support for Windows XP SP3 and Office 2003 comes to an end. After April 8th 2014 there will be no more security patches, no updates to online technical content and no free or paid assisted support options from Microsoft. […]